We have productised logo designing into two entities: basic logo design that includes design work, ready-to-use image files and vector files in four different file formats. In addition to the above, the comprehensive logo package includes a unique logo animation and two logovideos from our online shop.

The works we sell always include full rights of use and further editing.

If you decide to outsource your logo design, make sure that you get not only the rights to use the logo, but also the rights to edit it.


    Basic logo design includes:

    🔹 Design work in two revisions

    🔹 Black and white prints and ready-to-use images

    🔹 Vector files of the logo (4pcs, eps, svg, ai, pdf)

    🔹 Full usage & further editing rights

    PRICE 650€ +VAT

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    The comprehensive logo package includes:

    🔹 Design work with two revisions

    🔹 Black and white prints and ready-to-use images

    🔹 Full usage & further editing rights

    🔹 Vector files of the logo (4pcs, eps, svg, ai, pdf)

    🔹 Unique logoanimaation of your new logo.

    🔹 Two logovideos from our store.

    PRICE 950€ +VAT

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A logo (as well as a business brand) is a crucial piece of any business. A logo gives a company something to be remembered and recognized by. When used skillfully, it can at its best create associations between, for example, certain color combinations and companies. For example, do you think of a particular company when you think of bright red and yellow?

That's why it's a good idea to put a lot of thought into the design of your logo: what do we want it to say, what colors do we want to use? Should the logo be serious rather than playful? In different sectors, one works better than the other, and the images conveyed by colors also vary from region to region.

Personally, we want to create a logo that sticks in your mind and has a special "twist". Logos that make intelligent use of negative space have been some of the best we've seen, and that's the kind of impact we strive for when we design logos ourselves.

But in principle, of course, we listen to the customer and their wishes. If something just doesn't work in the corporate world (for example, with print), we point it out and offer an alternative that offers the best compromise.

Sometimes a logo is the result of putting several creative minds together. We have an extensive network of great branding experts and graphic designers, so sometimes we get additional input and insight from them too to give our clients the best possible outcome.

Meidän oma logomme: Musta sammakko-sudenkorentohybrini savun sinisellä tehostevärillä.


The name of our company comes from the combination of letters FFS.

Then we started to think about the content: frogs are nice and they symbolize change and prosperity. The idea was to add something "flying" and so the pun frogonfly was born, often confused with dragonfly. It was easy to add "studios" to the end, as it is common in the industry.

Our logo was born after a long and painstaking process. We wanted it to be unique. The blue color has been present from the beginning, it is reliable and stable. We also saw that a special logo featuring a fairy tale creature no longer needed to be covered with enhancement colors.