1. Parties to the agreement

These terms and conditions apply to a contract between the service provider Frogonfly Studios Oy (FFS) and the customer who has ordered the product or service. Both the service provider and the customer undertake to observe good, proper business practice and due diligence in all their activities.


2. Order from

Ordering options vary by product and service. Orders can be placed either directly in the online shop, or separately by e-mail. When ordering by e-mail, an invoice will be sent for the product/service once the work is completed. The invoice is sent either to the customer's e-mail (.pdf) or as an online invoice.


3. Fees and charges

The price is indicated in the offers and in the online shop without VAT. The terms of the contract enter into force and the invoicing right begins when the customer has accepted the written offer and completed and sent the order information form. The services and products shall be deemed to have been accepted unless the service provider has been notified in writing within three days of the delivery date that the products are defective.

In addition to the agreed price, the Service Provider has the right to charge for the costs incurred:
a) incompleteness of the material provided by the customer,
b) corrections and modifications made by the customer contrary to the agreed source material,
c) delay caused by the customer,
d) additional versions required by the customer,
e) overtime worked at the request of the customer, or
f) other similar additional costs for which the customer is responsible.

If there is a reason to charge the additional costs mentioned above, the service provider shall inform the customer without undue delay.

The payment term is 14 days from the date of the invoice. In the event of late payment, the Service Provider is entitled to charge interest on arrears for the period after the due date in accordance with the Interest Act in force at the time. A fee of EUR 20 (twenty) shall be charged for a reminder. If the payment is not made after the payment reminder, it will be transferred to recovery. The costs of collection shall be borne by the customer.
Read also payment terms.


4. Cancellations and refunds

Right of return
As we only produce digital products personalised with logos and other identifiers of companies and organisations, they are not subject to the normal return or cancellation policy. Therefore, customers are required to double-check their order at checkout before making payment.

However, if the customer realises that he has made a mistake after ordering the product, he must contact the service provider immediately so that the order can be cancelled before the product is manufactured: usva@frogonfly.fi.

If a refund is justified for a reason attributable to the service provider, the refund will only be made for the payment method used in the order.


5. Responsibilities and obligations

The client is presented with drafts of the agreed work. Once the Client accepts the final draft, it is binding on both parties. If changes are required during the production phase, they must be agreed upon separately, together with any compensation. The Client may not use, copy, reproduce or duplicate in any way the drafts of the design work submitted without the consent of the Service Provider. Drafts submitted electronically must be destroyed and may not be disclosed to third parties.

Content responsibility
The customer is responsible for the correctness, rights of use and authorship and legality of the content produced or provided by the customer. The service provider is responsible for the rights and their acquisition, if their acquisition is included in the order. Frogonfly Studios is only responsible for the text content if the content production has been ordered as an additional service. Even then, the customer is obliged to check the accuracy of the content. Once the customer has accepted the bet, Frogonfly Studios shall not be liable for any subsequent significant errors in the content.

Rights of use
All originals, including sketches and drafts, are the property of the service provider. Frogonfly Studios grants the client the right to use the product upon receipt of full compensation for the work or product, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Service Provider has the right to present the work or its sketches as a work sample, for example by attaching it to a work sample folder.

Frogonfly Studios is not liable for delays or other damage caused by the customer, subcontractors or the company responsible for transport. For delays caused by the service provider, the client will be offered a reasonable compensation.